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Corporate Culture

SK incheon petrochem employees make efforts to create a 쁗inning Culture

The employees at SK incheon petrochem always think about how to become 'caring professionals' and they try to take initiative to overcome crises and secure opportunities for further growth.

SK incheon petrochem's Corporate Culture

Highly talented in their fields, our employees seek to be highly responsible and work toward robust performance outcomes, all based on professionalism. In addition, they aim to be 'caring professionals' who respect one another.

Winning Culture

  • Sharing Goals
  • Smooth Communication among all levels of employees
  • Bold Initiatives 닕 Process incheon petrochem
  1. Driving incheon petrochem

    Differentiated competitiveness

    Winning spirit

  3. Self-discipline

    Mature attitudes and behaviors

    Respect and caring