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Title SK Global Chemical Completes Its Acquisition of Dow’s EAA Business Date 2017-09-01
Contents * SK Global Chemical completes its acquisition of Dow’s cutting-edge performance chemical, EAA
* SK Global Chemical: “A basis for our ascent to the forefront of the industry with the acquisition of a high-value packaging material.”

SK Global Chemical (CEO: Hyung-kun Kim) has announced the completion of its acquisition of Dow’s Ethylene Acrylic Acid (EAA) business.

With this acquisition, SK Global Chemical has acquired the rights to the production facilities of Freeport, Texas and Tarragona, Spain, along with the production techniques, intellectual rights, and trademark rights to the Dow’s EAA business, thereby rising to the forefront of the global EAA business overnight.

After the signing of the EAA business’ sales contract last February, SK Global Chemical has cooperated closely with the Dow in the acquisition process. The merger of Dow and DuPont on August 31, 2017 finalized the acquisition process.

A representative of SK Global Chemical has commented: “With this acquisition, we have acquired a significant advantage in the up-and-coming high-value packaging material industry, cementing our basis for our ascent to the forefront of the industry in the future.”

SK Global Chemical has restructured its marketing departments into two separate entities, namely, “Automotive Division” and “Packaging Division,” which will take effect on August 1, to provide further support toward its strategic focus areas of automotive and packaging businesses.