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Korea's leading energy and chemical company, SK incheon petrochem

SK incheon petrochem aims to create a new future by strengthening
its business competitiveness and obtaining customer satisfaction.

Despite difficult managerial environments both at home and abroad, we have been able to
grow continuously thus far thanks to our customers encouragement and support.
SK incheon petrochem asks for customers constant support as we set out for new challenges in the future.

Contributions to the development
of the national and local economy

Since it was built as the nation's third oil refinery in 1969, the company has been the cornerstone of the local and national economic development. It was newly spun off into a subsidiary of SK innovation in July, 2013. Located in the city of Incheon, the nation's third largest city, and a gateway to the nation, SK incheon petrochem plays an important role to supply energy to the nation's capital and its surrounding metropolitan area, including jet fuel to Gimpo and Incheon international airports. It also boasts its geographical advantage as a gateway to China and Northeast Asian markets.

Production of
high value-added products

The company invested more than 1,449 million US dollars (1.6 trillion Korean won) in July, 2014 and built a sophisticated facility to produce Paraxylene (PX), a basic fuel for plastics and synthetic fiber, on a large scale, which diversifies its business area to a high value product family. The company has been exporting its commercial products to China, Japan, the United States, Singapore, and Indonesia and reforming itself a global player specialized in the oil refining and petrochemistry. In the same vein, the company provides a sustainable growth foundation with its purchase of optimal raw material, integration of all factories and improvement of energy efficiency. The company has been doing its best to become a company with the optimum level of productivity.

Happiness sharing
with local communities

SK incheon petrochem does its best to prosper together with its local community through its various social contributions. For instance, it conducts a campaign for patronizing the local stores and going group-shopping at the local traditional markets to help revitalize the local commercial area. It also sponsors various educational programs, including energy programs for elementary school students and job experience programs for middle school students. The local community is also supported by the company through cultural events, support for the disadvantaged, regular volunteer works and programs that share happiness, all of which are examples of the company's efforts to fulfill its social responsibility.

Company Name Year Founded Head Office Address
SK incheon petrochem Co., Ltd July 1st, 2013 415 Bongsu-daero, Seo-gu, Incheon 22771, Korea
Number of Employees Financial Status Production Capacity
612 persons

As of 12.2021

Revenue 궔1.7990 trillion
Operating Income 궔233.3 billion

As of the end of 1Q 2022

Producing abilitye
27.5 million barrel

Based on the 2019