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Ethical management, the basis for continuous growth and development

SK incheon petrochem is dedicated to being a trusted company that creates value for our diverse stakeholders and to help create a better world based on SKMS as its management philosophy.

Importance of Ethical Management

To gain confidence from stakeholders, companies should seek efficient decision-making and business activities fit for the generation of limitless competition, while at the same time trying to secure legitimacy by complying with market order and engaging in transparent and fair operations.

SK incheon petrochem considers ethical management not as just a tool to control unethical behaviors of individual members, but as a means to garner confidence from stakeholders and achieve continuous growth and development of the company by enhancing general ethical levels in daily business activities. We have established a code of ethics, based on SKMS, as the reference of proper attitudes and values among the members, and we have also prepared guidelines for the code of ethics to provide specific criteria for judgment.The domestic and overseas networks and employees of SK incheon petrochem and its six subsidiaries are obliged to adhere to the code of ethics. They are also responsible for delivering the code of ethics to their partners who are to comply with them.

Business Mgmt. based on Free and Fair Competition.

SK incheon petrochem makes an effort to prevent any violation of relevant fair trade regulations in the course of business management activities and further to help the settlement of sound economic order. As part of the effort, SK incheon petrochem has been operating a fair trade compliance program since its adoption in 1996. Under the program, the company provides fair trade inspection and education for members and businesses of SK incheon petrochem subsidiaries.

The Company SK incheon petrochem Wants to Be.

SK incheon petrochem revises its code of ethics and guidelines by paying constant attention to domestic and overseas regulatory trends. With the recently increasing needs of our stakeholders for ethical management, SK incheon petrochem will carry out systematic activities to lead all our members to better understand and exercise the value of ethical management. SK incheon petrochem seeks to be a company that is selected by customers, loved by the society, and recognized by its members.

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