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Current Activities

We devote ourselves to the motto of meeting with Wings of Happiness
(SK's group symbol), a healthier company and a happier society

SK shall consider the happiness of the stakeholders in the value of corporate management,
This means that all business activities are ultimately directed happiness.

Building a happier local community

Education /
Talent nurturing

Under the managerial philosophy of 'rewarding our homeland with talented individuals', SK supports various programs to improve the educational environment for our local students.

  • Mentoring programs and experience camps for middle schoolers
  • After-school programs for elementary school children
  • Renovation works for worn-out educational facilities and various scholarship programs

Safety /

Safety/Environment-oriented management is SK's top priority. Based on our outstanding technical skills and thorough work ethics, SK does our best to build an uncontaminated and pleasant local environment through eco-friendly management.

  • Installing soundproof/protection walls
  • Building tree-lined streets
  • Continuously operating and strengthening safety facilities

Residential environment

SK dreams of a future where everybody feels happiness. SK strives to live with every member of our local community and share the joy of happiness with them.

  • Improving residential environment
  • Regular campaign for environmental clean-up
  • Neighborhood beautification projects (expected)

Culture /

SK carries out constant and voluntary donation/support activities for the welfare of the lower-income groups and the disadvantaged. It also prepares a satisfying and productive cultural activities for locals.

  • Support for the disadvantaged
  • Hosting and sponsoring events for the invited locals
  • Special lectures by personalities (expected)

Service for seniors programs

A day of parents /
Making rice cake
of love event

Every May, we invite local seniors who live alone and throw various cultural events accompanied by refreshments as a campaign of filial piety in the local community.

seasonal food

Every summer when it is hottest, we contact local seniors welfare and community centers to host a health food event and serve chicken soup with ginseng (well-known Korean health food). We also share seasonal fruits, such as watermelons and grapes, with local communities in order to lighten up the sweltering heat.

Photographs of longevity
(for seniors)
Photography volunteering

We help take photographs and frame them for the local senior centers that are frequently visited and actively engaged, celebrating the longevity and wellness of seniors. The number of seniors that we serve in this regard each year is about 200.

job fair

We take part in the senior job fair hosted by local governments and help take ID pictures and print them out for seniors.

Group grocery shopping
at traditional markets

We carry out a group grocery shopping campaign for local senior centers and senior welfare facilities by providing daily necessities. Through this campaign, we contribute by both supporting the disadvantaged and revitalizing the local commercial area.

Education for the youth programs


We have been inviting local elementary school children since 2008 and providing them with group field trips and various experience activities to educate them about the importance of resources and conservation.

Job experience

Following the introduction of free semester for middle schoolers, we have conducted the educational programs and field trips for oil refining facilities since 2014 in order to enhance the understanding of various corporate job positions and oil refining businesses.

Support for children
with developmental

We sponsor group programs for watching sports events, such as the SK Wyverns Baseball games for children with special needs from local elementary and middle schools as an opportunity to immerse in various cultural experiences.

local children centers

As a university-industry cooperation event with JEI University in Incheon, this regular festival provides an opportunity where college students and the youth under the local children centers get together and participate various activities.


We support local students from the lower-income classes for their educational and lunch expenses and help operate local study rooms through a campaign of having one supporting account for each executive and staff member.

Environmentally-friendly/Culture programs

SK incheon petrochem
Cherry Blossom Festival

Every mid-April, we open our campus, filled with 600 trees of cherry, pear, and chestnut, to the locals for a week for a cherry blossom festival. Well-known as a movie background, our cherry blossom-filled campus is a local attraction and has drawn about 30,000 visitors so far. The uncontaminated cherry blossom campus is a symbol of SK's eco-friendly management.

one river per company

Under the motto of 'Our rivers are protected by ourselves', our employee volunteer clubs are at the head of a regular environment purification activity for rivers such as Gongjoncheon and Simgokcheon Rivers. Through our 'Protecting One River Per Company' campaign, we contribute to the local communities.

Hosting a day of local community
of Seogu-gu Office

Celebrating harmony and prosperity of the local community, we host a day of locals in Seogu-gu Office jurisdiction, inviting them to watch baseball games.