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CEO Message

SK incheon petrochem continues challenging and innovating

Hello, I'm Choi,Yun seok the appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of SK incheon petrochem, which was launched as of July 1st, 2013. I thank all the customers for supporting and encouraging SK incheon petrochem at all times. Based on the principles of customer satisfaction and quality first for a happier future, SK incheon petrochem has been contributing to the nation's economic development for the last half a century since its foundation in 1969 through constant self-innovation and technical development due to your unchanging support.

01 Converting its business structure to high value-added products

In order to grow and develop into a competitive company within the ever-intensifying global competition, SK incheon petrochem grew out of its simple and conventional refining facility and, in July, 2014, established a facility to produce high value-added products such as PX from ultra- light oil (condensate).

02 The best facility efficiency / productivity in the world

When our business structure successfully changes by 2014, SK incheon petrochem will be a global top tier oil refinery/petrochemical company with the world셲 highest productivity per person.

03 SK incheon petrochem is putting the principle of Safety, Health and Environment Management first

SK incheon petrochem is taking its geographical advantages in China and in Southeast Asian countries to target the global market. Through rigorous process control and environmental management, SK incheon petrochem will be a petrochemical company with the highest level of facility efficiency and productivity per person in the world.

SK incheon petrochem is there for our customers.
We promise to truly communicate with our customers through this website.
We look forward to your continued interest and support to encourage us to become a company deserving your future affection.
Last but not the least, we sincerely wish all your homes are filled with happiness.

Thank you.

President & CEO of SK incheon petrochem Choi, Yun seok