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SK incheon petrochem셲 diesel has implemented a low noise, high output power and improved fuel efficiency
by enabling perfect combustion with cleaning function.

About diesel The boiling point of diesel is between 200꼦 and 370꼦, and the liquid is extracted after kerosene.
It is used as a fuel for diesel engines and boilers, as well as for cleaning machines.

SK incheon petrochem's diesel As a fuel for the diesel engine of cars, SK incheon petrochem's diesel maintains a high quality level throughout the entire distribution process.

Features of SK incheon petrochem's diesel

Diesel products of SK incheon petrochem have great ignition ability which is required for high speed engines. It also can be evenly sprayed and has adequate amount of viscosity and lubricity which are required to prevent abrasion of the fuel spraying pump of an engine. They also have adequate distillation characteristics for combustion and high heat efficiency. Their fluidity at a low temperature and filterability at a low temperature, which are needed for starting the engine and driving at low temperatures, are good.