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SK incheon petrochem셲 gasoline is a revolutionary product realized the engine protection
and improved acceleration performance compared to existing ordinary gasoline.

What is gasoline? Gasoline is a petroleum-derived volatile liquid that consists of hydrocarbon mixtures that have a boiling point range of 30-220꼦 and
4-12 carbons. Gasoline is used primarily as a fuel for internal combustion engines like cars and light aircrafts. Gasoline for cars can be
categorized into common gasoline and premium gasoline depending on the RON.

SK incheon petrochem's gasoline

01 The engine of your car
will be cleaned up

SK's advanced gasoline detergent drastically reduces carbon deposits formed on the intake valves to keep the engine clean. When used as a cleaning-up additive to remove residues built up in the engine, the detergent improves engine power and fuel efficiency, reduces the amount of toxic exhaust generated and enhances driving performance.

02 Users can enjoy a more
comfortable and quieter ride

The gasoline detergent added by SK reduces the RON required for the gasoline engines, which will prevent knocking due to the aging of cars and damage to the engines. With this, the engine power will be improved further. SK's gasoline contains detergent that reduces the ORI of engines. When compared to gasoline without detergent, SK gasoline has higher RON, which gives passengers a soft and quiet riding experience.

03 We care
about environment
(Environment Clean-Up)

When gasoline is combusted in a car's engine, various kinds of air-polluting substances are emitted. Among them, NOx is the main culprit of acid rain and the depletion of the ozone layer. SK's detergent can reduce the amount of hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, etc. and can also drastically reduce the amount of NOx generated. It is an environment-friendly product that can contribute to the protection of the environment.