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SK incheon petrochem is
producing safe and eco-friendly chemical products

SK incheon petrochem produces high value-added chemical products such as PX and benzene by passing naphtha, which is generated in the ultra light oil and oil refining process, through catalytic reforming and sells them to strengthen its stable revenue base. We will continue to enhance competitiveness in the global petrochemical market by rigorously controlling the process to improve the efficiency of product production and advancing production technology in order to flexibly produce and supply high-quality chemical products to meet the demand.

Processes Overview

  • Naphtha reforming process

    The naphtha reforming process is preceded by hydrodesulfurization that removes sulfur, nitrogen, heavy metals, etc. Reforming of purified naphtha delivers aromatics-rich reformate by conversion of naphthene and paraffin to aromatic products.
  • BTX process

    This process is preceded by the sulfolane process that enriches aromatic components from naphtha reformate. BTX process delivers high-purity benzene products and reactants for the PX process, namely toluene and xylene.
  • PX process

    The PX process delivers para-xylene, the basic raw material of the textile industry from toluene, xylene and C9+ byproducts. SK incheon petrochem produces 1.3 million tons of para-xylene per year, the greatest in Korean petrochem complexes.