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Due to high cost competitiveness,
we are repositioning ourselves as one of the top players in the Northeast Asian markets

Our aromatics business produces and sells commodity products, all of which are raw materials for the industries of everyday supplies, construction, home electronics and textile. Our constant investment expands the BTX production capacity to 3 million tons per year, the largest scale in this area.

porduct feature & porduct advantage table
Benzene It is co-produced with distillates such as ethylene in naphtha cracking facility or extracted from reformed naphtha with toluene and xylene. It is inflammable and toxic and contains characteristic odor. Handle with care. Raw material for styrene monomer,
caprolactam, medical
and agrochemical products
Para Xylene PX is produced by adsorption separation of OX, distillate of mixed xylene.
Its property is similar to that of xylene.
Mainly used for production of PTA,
the raw material of polyester